Get up, stand up, stand up for your… heart! A recent study published in the European Heart Journal suggests adults can significantly lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol simply by replacing two hours of sitting per day with standing. So it’s no surprise to see a spike in sales of the standing desk.

So much research has been conducted on this relatively new fad, in fact, that some statistics are quite alarming with obesity, diabetes, heart disease topping them. A Men’s Health article cites a Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise study that states 54% of men and women who sit at length are more likely to die of a heart attack. That’s enough to jolt you right out of your chair to buy one for yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.38.08 AMAs with anything else, when it comes to purchasing a standing desk there are many options. GeekDesk makes an extremely popular basic platform that goes up and down with a push of a button. We prefer the slightly pricier yet sleek and modern NewHeights Electric Sit to Stand Desk (at right) also with push button ease and lots of options. Still, there are more including treadmill desks and designer versions like Herman Miller.

If you already have a desk that you love and don’t want to replace, consider the Kangaroo Pro Junior. It is the perfect addition to transform a desk from standing to sitting, and back again. And the best part? It comes fully assembled — ready, set, go! No budget? No problem. Stack boxes on your desk or work at a kitchen counter.

Stephanie Smith, of Men’s Health, has some tips for standing at your desk: Wear footwear with padding, get used to standing slowly, over time, and to stand with one leg slightly resting on a raised object to give your spine room to flex naturally. It’s been noted that the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, Leonardo DaVinci and Winston Churchill all stood at their desks. Stephanie adds, “don’t be afraid to lean on your desk a little” so don’t give up the fight!