Did The Guy in 3A Really Just Say That?

Does the TV carry into the other room? Does your space seem to echo? Sound absorption is a greatly overlooked design feature in residential spaces. A good designer knows what acoustical solutions will work for each home. Shotcrete, textiles, artwork, insulation… the possibilities are endless.

Having problems with a noisy neighbor above?  Install Quiet Rock, a type of acoustical drywall designed for noise control. For a client’s home theater, we’ve applied a little known substance called green glue to make the space soundproof. Its low cost will surprise you given the product is non-toxic, fast and has superior performance relative to competitive products.

But there are far less expensive and substantial means of sound proofing that don’t require a general contractor or that you become a DIY groupie. Carpets, tapestries, bookcases, to name a few, are cost-effective options that not only diminish the noise factor, but beautify your space while they work!

TOBE’s TrendWatch:
Italian furniture company, Saporiti, has designed a clever and unique concept for their wooden bookshelf. Playfully arranging the shelves within each box visibly forms the phrase “READ YOUR BOOKCASE”. Each individual shelf contains a
different letter and can be stacked to form a word or stand freely on its own.
Photo credit: www.touchofmodern.com

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