Color + Light = Your Happy Place

It’s no fluff that design plays a significant role in our livelihood. Take worker productivity. Employees often cite the aesthetic of their workspace as a reason for acceptance or longevity of a job and employers recognize this impact.* Two recently commissioned surveys by ASID reported nearly 90 percent of big six executives, university researchers and… Read more »

What Do Red Wine & Luxurious Fabric Have In Common?

Oddly enough, you can have the soft living room fabric you dream of and drink your wine too. Solution- dyed acrylics, as they are known in the biz, can feel so strikingly un-outdoorsy you’ll assume they’re cashmere. These fabrics —unlike commercial fabrics of the past — have a better hand resulting in a more luxurious feel,… Read more »

Pet Friendly Materials

Many pet owners are decorating and remodeling their living spaces with their pets’ needs in mind. The key is choosing the right materials and accommodating your animals’ needs. Forget silk, chintz or the pet-hair magnet known as velvet. Discover the joys of Crypton, a nearly indestructible, synthetic fabric that’s resistant to stains, smells, bacteria and… Read more »

The Latest Trends in Home Design

With the start of the New Year, there are some surprising new trends in single-family home design.  Although Washingtonians still prefer a more traditional home exterior, interiors are becoming more contemporary.  Formal living rooms and soaring ceilings in the great room are out. Open floor plans with unobstructed views from the front of the house… Read more »

Mixing Metals

Mixing metals is a hot trend in home decor right now, one is silver and the other is gold and copper and bronze and brass. Above are several great examples of mixing metal furniture and accessories we found on Pinterest. Switching out a few small accessories can make a big impact – but you can… Read more »

New Lighting Legislation for 2014

Confused about new lighting legislation that went into effect on January 1?  Between 2012 and 2014, legislation was enacted mandating that incandescent bulbs (or lamps) between 40 and 100 watts must use 30% less energy.  That doesn’t mean consumers need to throw away their existing bulbs but manufacturers will not be producing certain bulbs anymore…. Read more »


With the days growing longer, you’ll likely want to embrace the endless summer sun both inside and outside your home.  We have indoor and outdoor decorating ideas to help you take advantage of all of that summertime sunshine. Outfit your outdoor spaces, such as patios, porches, and decks, with decorative accents and comfortable furniture to… Read more »

Managing those Pesky Cords

With the proliferation of mobile devices and electronics, cords are everywhere. They can be a designer’s worst nightmare. Here are some tips to managing those pesky cords: 1. When designing custom cabinetry, install grommets on the tops of cabinets or work surfaces so that cords can be discreetly hidden inside cabinets or below work surfaces…. Read more »