It’s a Gas!

Not to be mistaken for the global energy company, chevron — as both trend and tradition — is quite simply a gas of a pattern. And, it too, is found in streets coast to coast. From classic black and white to rainbow hued, zig zags have become the most iconic pattern in fashion, media, art, interior design… Read more »

Healing Through Design

(photo credit: photo: Carol M. Highsmith archive, Library of Congress #LC-DIG-highsm-04261)   In recent years, the built environment’s positive impact on how we feel has become omnipresent. Behavioral scientists have proven what architects like Frank Lloyd Wright have known all along — places we inhabit affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors*. We see evidence of this in the design… Read more »

Chill in the Air? Bring the Outdoors In.

Summer may have come to an end but that doesn’t necesarily mean the end of summertime flair. Many designers have long been fans of graphic and geometric shapes, us included. And this year botanical is in! We’re seeing many shades of green and foliage-style prints making a splash. The green bucket bag at right by Zara is… Read more »

A Warmer Reception

The way we’ve come to interact as a society today has centered around one thing: technology. But while the manner in which we connect is less formal, by the same token, we’ve changed just how we engage when we do actually set aside our devices for real time face time. And it’s more personal than ever. Starbucks… Read more »

Home Decor, Fashion & Gifts. Oh My!

This past weekend we geared up for a trip to the big apple but this wasn’t your ordinary visit to take in a show or Central Park stroll. This trek involved taking in the sites on a walking tour of our own — the site of 2,800 exhibitors to be exact. (photo credit: Boasting displays from… Read more »

Half Pint… Homes?

Sustainable? Check. Freewheeling? Check. More time? Check. No matter the reason, the latest trend sweeping the nation proves size doesn’t matter. The tiny house phenomenon has caught the attention of news media and there’s even a TV show that travels the nation celebrating this extreme movement. Hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin take viewers through small spaces… Read more »

Back to Cool

Step inside a college dorm today and you won’t find the familiar modest accommodations most of us recall. Gone are the drab concrete walls and blah furnishings. There is a design revolution happening and it’s breathing new life into the old. With their extra busy social and cyber lives, new students (and their parents) have higher expectations for… Read more »

Inside Out Is The Right Side Out

Long, lazy summers evoke dreamy thoughts of splendid days spent lounging with lemonade, lively backyard parties and magical nights (photo credit Juneberry Lane). And though the idea of seamless indoor-outdoor living and entertaining is nothing new, the stage has shifted from the kitchen island to the outdoor “living room” as the go-to gathering space. More people want… Read more »

Ritz-y Ideas

We’ve packed our bags, unplugged and checked out. Er, make that in. Whether we’re thousands of miles from home or just around the corner, each of us finds bliss in however we individually travel. So why can’t we capture the essence of that bliss with tangible pieces in the real world we so often drag ourselves back to —… Read more »

Design Around the World… Cup

Even the most unlikely could be counted among fans this year as the U.S. Men’s national soccer team astonishingly dribbled their way toward a hopeful World Cup championship. Excitement here in the U.S. was every bit as contagious and explosive throughout the entire tournament as much as with our own team’s prospect of winning. TV viewership broke records, soccer fanatics’ traveled… Read more »