Transforming More Than Rooms

TOBE Design Group is proud to once again volunteer our design services to the Future Bound Project, which transforms low-income apartments, like the one pictured, into a warm and inviting home for young adults aging out of the foster care system.  In our third project of its kind this year, we’re teaming up with Amy Schwartz Interiors to… Read more »

Want Less. Do More. One Step at a Time.

Many people mistakenly think a new piece of furniture will dramatically change the look of a cluttered space. A recent Facebook post got us thinking: if we thought more about what we have and less about what we don’t have, only the truly important things would matter. Spending time w/loved ones, giving instead of receiving… Read more »

Getting Social

As designers, you could say we know a thing or two about social gatherings. Wait, what? Social interactions rank high on our list of elements we consider when designing a space — more so today than ever — with open floorplans and common areas as central hubs. And to add to our social repertoire, our newest member on board hopes… Read more »

TOBE is Growing

Bonjour! Hola! Buongiorno! If any of these greetings surprise you when calling our office, it’s just our new Design Assistant, Robin. A native of the Washington, DC area, Robin is on a quest to learn foreign languages and that’s just one more feather in her cap. Robin brings 8+ years of administrative project coordination to the table, netting… Read more »

Bright Ideas. Right Now.

We pay our bills without fail each month but do you truly understand them? Did you do more than glance at last month’s bill? Littered with engineering vernacular and charts, those dreadful monthly utility statements get as much attention as a political candidate’s flyer. Matthew Volante spends his days trying to help people cut through the… Read more »

Project Snapshot: Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care

We’re ecstatic about the newly expanded and renovated work in progress of one of our suburban Maryland clients, Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care. Don’t be mistaken by the artfully arranged writing desks and bistro tables that welcome you. Vision care is equally as important, if not more, as the level of their warm and personal customer service. An experience unlike… Read more »

Frightfully Beautiful

That’s no oxymoron. It’s how we do Halloween. Don’t get us wrong. We love the spirit of this dark and spooky holiday, we just prefer a little less gore. True, the creepy, bloody objects are what first come to mind, and they are plentiful, but there are many ways to decorate for this highly anticipated… Read more »

Jack Be Nimble

Have you noticed the changing landscape of your neighborhood in recent years? Reimagined bike lanes and tree-lined trails leading to a pot of gold of sorts — conveniences just far enough for a morning walk, yet too embarrassingly close by car. Political agendas, pedestrian safety and global warming surely generate much of these urban changes. But the… Read more »

Fall Is Here. And Just Like That, The Holidays.

The crisp, cool chill in the air and pumpkins twinkling at dusk signal Fall has arrived. And yet glimpses of sugarplums and reindeer have already snuck up on us.  It’s a phenomenon called Christmas Creep — holiday merchandising once piggy-backed with Thanksgiving each year — that has slowly inched closer to Halloween for the better… Read more »

Cooking With Color

The go-to color for design in 1967 was Harvest Gold, and the rage for all things mustard, including the kitchen sink, lasted well into the 80s. Today, white may reign supreme in the world of kitchen design, but color is making quite a comeback in the central hub of homes. Clients love that color reflects their own personal style and designers relish the creative… Read more »