“You Can’t Miss!”

Our clients have thrown so much work our way we nearly forgot that this month marks our fourth anniversary! It’s hard to believe we were just embarking on this new venture in January of 2011. TOBE DesignGroup was born out of Todd Howard Ezrin’s passion for design but it took his former employer, a furniture dealer,… Read more »

In Light of… Profitability

On a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, I was immediately impressed with a City Target — the familiar big box store’s smaller, urban alternative. What stood out was the abundance of natural light coming into the store from all sides. I found myself wishing more mega and department stores would take a cue from Target. Further… Read more »

Tweet Worthy

2015 is the year Birdman beat out seven other storied and acclaimed films. It’s also the year for nesting, or quite simply, hanging out. We’ve seen birdcage centerpieces for decades, but this season cage-like chairs are soaring — from department store displays to gracing the pages of glossy home magazines. We came upon the first in the Spring… Read more »

Did The Guy in 3A Really Just Say That?

Does the TV carry into the other room? Does your space seem to echo? Sound absorption is a greatly overlooked design feature in residential spaces. A good designer knows what acoustical solutions will work for each home. Shotcrete, textiles, artwork, insulation… the possibilities are endless. Having problems with a noisy neighbor above?  Install Quiet Rock, a… Read more »

A Home… Of Your Wildest Imagination

Not a smurf dwelling nor is it a scene from the latest hobbit flick. The Mushroom House is, in fact, a real home in a quiet Maryland suburb of Washington DC. Of course, those unfamiliar with the locally notable home must not live in greater DC, seeing as it’s been the talk of the town of… Read more »

Feed Your Mind With A Boost of Color

When we blogged about orange as the new black last July, we had no idea just how powerful this color can be. We’ve always known that colors evoke definite emotions: blue is calming; red is fiery. And now color takes on a greater role in a designer’s eye, thanks in part to a memory test conducted… Read more »

Stars And Stripes

This Sunday’s big game got us thinking about all things American. After all, two of our nation’s leading football teams will jockey to become the world champion. An interesting notion is this game will truly be a coast-to-coast competition. From Puritan Boston to Green Seattle, the country has seen a modern revolution that even sociologists have documented…. Read more »

Did You Know…

…you don’t need to be a designer to browse a design center showroom. The newly renovated Washington Design Center welcomes visitors anytime. In fact, they’ll even provide an escort and answer all of your questions. The new location is three voluminous floors of the Franklin Court building, which places WDC squarely in the heart of Washington’s business… Read more »


We were so moved by the innocence of this trending video we decided to share it as part of this week’s blog, which isn’t really a blog at all, but more of an appeal. Last month we wrote about a partnership with the National Center for Children and Families, in which we are transforming the home… Read more »

3 Resolutions for Your Home

Skip the personal resolutions this year. You’re more likely to accomplish goals if you make it about something other than ourselves. We have ideas for how to make your home more efficient, green and beautiful. Clutter clutter everywhere. To rid your home of the many accumulated and dumped items, we prefer the STOP method. Sort…. Read more »