High Point Furniture Market 2017

Once yearly, we attend this semi-annual show in North Carolina and each year we leave ever more impressed. Approximately 70,000 people from all over the world descend on the small town of High Point to see the latest manufacturer products in furniture, decorative lighting, area rugs, art, accessories and fabrics. Some of our favorites are… Read more »

HAPPY 2017

It’s a new year and that means many things to different people. For us it brings the excitement of new growth and achievement. Thanks to our loyal clients and friends, we’ve added to our team, doubled our profits and nearly tripled our client base. Moreover, we’re honored to have been selected by Bethesda Magazine readers as… Read more »

Staycation With a Twist

We’ve been back to the grind for over a month now and it’s time to start thinking about the next vacation, err, second home. The trend for second homes has been thriving in recent years due in large part to record low mortgage rates. Vacation home purchases soared in 2014 by 57%, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), yet… Read more »

Unzip & Carry On

The holiday soirée’s have passed and the glitz and glamour is put away for another year, replaced by stretch pants and slouchy tops. These are not your forefather’s clothes. Nor your grandmother’s. The allure of comfy clothing — even pajamas — is blurring the boundary between acceptable dress in and outside of the house. Of course our social norms have long been evolving, and rapidly… Read more »

Taking A Cue From Bob Marley

Get up, stand up, stand up for your… heart! A recent study published in the European Heart Journal suggests adults can significantly lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol simply by replacing two hours of sitting per day with standing. So it’s no surprise to see a spike in sales of the standing desk. So much research has been conducted on… Read more »

A Cup Unlike Any Other Cup

At the center of our (first world) universe — for a brief moment in time anyway — stands a lone red cup. Considered by many to not be  spirited enough for Xmas, yet the familiar green siren is squarely centered. Did we mention she is green? The irony. Perhaps it’s a marketing strategy, and who… Read more »

Say Goodbye To Your Old Tub…

In honor of National Bathtub Day, the first THREE prospective clients* to schedule a consultation with us will receive their consultation for FREE! Whether you’re redoing a bathroom or just looking for finishing touches in your home, our individualized approach will capture all the details you desire and ensure you’ll love where you live. To enhance your new mini spa, we’ll also… Read more »

Fall Inspiration

Balmy, sunny days have stretched the joy of summer and the spring in our step this September. But it’s not too late to prepare for a stylish Fall season as the weather turns to the more familiar chill this week. Fall is that time of year to wrap in luxurious textiles of rich jewel tones… Read more »

“You Can’t Miss!”

Our clients have thrown so much work our way we nearly forgot that this month marks our fourth anniversary! It’s hard to believe we were just embarking on this new venture in January of 2011. TOBE DesignGroup was born out of Todd Howard Ezrin’s passion for design but it took his former employer, a furniture dealer,… Read more »