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Frightfully Beautiful

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That’s no oxymoron. It’s how we do Halloween. Don’t get us wrong. We love the spirit of this dark and spooky holiday, we just prefer a little less gore. True, the creepy, bloody objects are what first come to mind, and they are plentiful, but there are many ways to decorate for this highly anticipated… Read more »

Jack Be Nimble

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Have you noticed the changing landscape of your neighborhood in recent years? Reimagined bike lanes and tree-lined trails leading to a pot of gold of sorts — conveniences just far enough for a morning walk, yet too embarrassingly close by car. Political agendas, pedestrian safety and global warming surely generate much of these urban changes. But the… Read more »

Fall Is Here. And Just Like That, The Holidays.

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The crisp, cool chill in the air and pumpkins twinkling at dusk signal Fall has arrived. And yet glimpses of sugarplums and reindeer have already snuck up on us.  It’s a phenomenon called Christmas Creep — holiday merchandising once piggy-backed with Thanksgiving each year — that has slowly inched closer to Halloween for the better… Read more »

Cooking With Color

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The go-to color for design in 1967 was Harvest Gold, and the rage for all things mustard, including the kitchen sink, lasted well into the 80s. Today, white may reign supreme in the world of kitchen design, but color is making quite a comeback in the central hub of homes. Clients love that color reflects their own personal style and designers relish the creative… Read more »