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Home Decor, Fashion & Gifts. Oh My!

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This past weekend we geared up for a trip to the big apple but this wasn’t your ordinary visit to take in a show or Central Park stroll. This trek involved taking in the sites on a walking tour of our own — the site of 2,800 exhibitors to be exact. (photo credit: Boasting displays from… Read more »

Half Pint… Homes?

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Sustainable? Check. Freewheeling? Check. More time? Check. No matter the reason, the latest trend sweeping the nation proves size doesn’t matter. The tiny house phenomenon has caught the attention of news media and there’s even a TV show that travels the nation celebrating this extreme movement. Hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin take viewers through small spaces… Read more »

Back to Cool

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Step inside a college dorm today and you won’t find the familiar modest accommodations most of us recall. Gone are the drab concrete walls and blah furnishings. There is a design revolution happening and it’s breathing new life into the old. With their extra busy social and cyber lives, new students (and their parents) have higher expectations for… Read more »